When (and When Not) to Lease a Truck


If you’re in the market for a truck, you don’t necessarily need to buy one — a Nissan Titan XD lease is also a good option. Both have advantages, but they also have disadvantages to know about. Here you’ll learn when it makes sense to lease, and when financing is the better choice with this guide from Sullivan Brothers Nissan

When Should You Lease a Truck?

The first thing to consider when deciding to lease or buy is your unique driving needs. If you only require a Nissan truck for a little while — perhaps a year or two — then leasing is a great choice. Once the lease expires, you have no more financial obligation to the pickup and can just return it to the dealership. 

An additional benefit of leasing is being able to drive a brand-new model when your lease ends. This is another good option if you easily get bored driving the same vehicle. Leasing gives you the opportunity to try out a new model or trim. With a lease, you can also eventually decide to buy your vehicle if you don’t want to return it. 

When Is Leasing Not the Best Move?

Are you looking for a Nissan truck to drive for the foreseeable future? If so, then it probably makes more sense to buy instead of lease. When you’re the owner, you won’t have to worry about ever having to turn your truck in. 

You also need to think about the number of miles you drive. A lease agreement comes with a yearly mileage limit, and if you exceed it, you will be charged a fee per excess mile. This is why you should have a firm grasp on how much driving you do every year. Leasing also forbids any sort of customization, meaning that you won’t be able to make any big changes or add customizations. 

Learn More About Signing a Nissan Titan XD Lease in Kingston, MA

If you’re not sure whether Nissan financing or leasing is the right move, get in touch with our Nissan dealership in Kingston, MA. Tell us what your needs are, and we’ll help you make a smart decision. You can also come down to see all the trucks in stock and take some test drives.